In the beginning… the light was dim.

She aspired to “glow all day”, but the most she could manage was a dull twinkle. Burdened by a love of Cadbury chocolate, artisan ice-cream. Red Rock Deli chips, penchants for late nights in front of the laptop & the resulting lack of sleep, the dark was beginning to take over the light.

And so here we are! What would happen if you did everything in your power to be the best, most glowy & radiant version of yourself possible? What if you loved yourself enough to nourish yourself to the full extent possible on a daily basis – what would happen?

I have an idea of what could happen. Inspired by raw foodists, Jessica Sepel, Melissa Ambrosini and so many other glowing babes who intensely take care of themselves, and in turn get to spread that light out into the world to greater benefit other people. In some ways I feel like this isn’t possible for me, I’m being held back by limiting beliefs about my own worth, capability and possibility, but I want to turn these silly ideas on their head and show the world that I CAN DO IT! If they can, I can, and if I can, others can.

I want to glow with health. Radiate like I’m lit from within. Feel positively overflowing with energy and love on a daily basis. I run a business which promises to help you do just that, and I don’t take advantage of it enough for the benefits to spill into my own life. Starting up a business is stressful, hard and draining, I wont deny that – but it’s up to me to light my own fire and create the goodness which is going to make me radiate, and in turn connect me to other people to help them do the same.

So here we go, Project Glow, are you ready? I am.

Love & glow,

Annette x



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